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Cardiovascular Health

Hair and Nail Health

Skin Health

Cartilage and Joint Health

Bone and Tooth Health

Sili-mer Silica G5

Better heart health, stronger joints and healthier teeth, nails and hair are just the beginning of the benefits thanks to silicon, an often-overlooked element in our bodies.

SILI-MER SILICA G5 recharges and boosts our natural silicon reserves. Over a lifetime, those levels can drop by as much as 80 per cent, leading to breakdowns in tissue, bone loss and arthritis. Modern eating habits contribute to silica deficiency, including crops grown on mineral-depleted soils.

Health Supplement Details


Made in Canada

All products are regulated, registered and approved for use by Health Canada.


Safe, reliable & effective

Processed at licensed facilities that exceed Good Manufacturing Practices, products are thoroughly tested and evaluated by the industry.


natural & holistic

Made with the highest quality natural ingredients from trusted suppliers.


Exceptional ServiceS

Customers can rely on our unwavering commitment to their health.

Made in Canada

Improve your health

SILI-MER SILICA G5, like all of MartelSante’s products, are made by trusted Canadian companies and approved by Health Canada. Only the purest of ingredients are used in our thoroughly tested natural products.

Canadian Ginseng
Silica G5

Our guarantee to you

SILI-MER SILICA G5 uses organic silica, are the source most readily absorbed by the body and into the areas that need it most, including connective tissue, collagen, heart, spleen, arteries, muscles, liver, kidneys and bones.

A regular supplement of SILI-MER SILICA G5 contributes to overall better health and significantly improves the functions of many parts of our bodies.

  • Pure – Quality-sourced, pure ingredients
  • Safe – Made by reputable Canadian companies
  • Reliable – Industry tested and proven formulations
  • Quality – We stand behind the quality of our products
Trusted Canadian Company

Great product with fast acting results! It really helps my joint and knee pain.

My hair loss improved dramatically. It works well for my skin tone and nail growing also. Strong thumbs up!

I couldn’t be happier to have found MartelSante, offering quality Canadian made products!

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